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In 1946, Pratum, Oregon farmers founded a Co-Op to grow prime Willamette Valley grass seed. 75 years later, Pratum Co-Op’s grain elevator is a landmark, and Mountain View Seeds varieties reap the benefits of that outstanding farmer network.​ MVS was created in 1998 to manage mounting seed demand for Pratum’s private variety production.

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In 2008, MVS expanded and purchased a majority stake in Peak Plant Genetics,  a turfgrass licensing and breeding company.


In 2018, MVS expanded again, creating MVP Genetics & becoming the exclusive worldwide licensor of IronCutter vegetative bermudagrass.

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​We question leading researchers, professionals, and distribution partners to look for new ideas for natural grass. We identify emerging industry trends and plan programs to meet identified needs. We investigate the performance of newly developed germplasm and evaluate their potential to fulfill our customers’ needs.




Our agronomists' search for the best germplasm spans the world over. We expect continual improvement from our proprietary varieties. Our agronomists & our cooperative demands high performance to insure efficient, dependable production systems. 

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